Due to the complex employee structure at airports, we offer our clients the method of supervision.
In this field, we advise our customers on the type of cooperation according to the respective task and target setting.
In supervision projects, we act as the direct link between client and their employees.


  • Contract preparation
  • Defining goals and strategies
  • Collaboration in the team and organization
  • Evaluation of interfaces and synergies
  • Evaluation of the supervisees
  • Compliance with data protection


  • Secures the right capacity over the course of the entire development period
  • Establishes and maintains the “balance of systems”
  • Avoids capacity bottlenecks – especially when certain parts are temporarily not in operation
  • Avoids unnecessary overcapacity, prevents excessive and premature investments
  • Transparent visualisation of space and equipment requirements over the entire development period
  • Avoids stranded investments
  • Avoids inefficient layouts
  • Lays the foundation for further detailed planning steps