In order to meet the steady growing requirements in the field of planning, we have been relying on special simulation software for many years. AIRPORT COMPETENCE uses specialized simulation software in the calculation of the individual functional areas as well as the field of passenger terminal-planning. The simulations consider passenger behaviour and technical capabilities alike.

For airside planning, especially in the planning of taxiways and aprons, depending on the requirements several software systems are used. Dynamic Real Time Simulations (DRTS) in with capacity-, bottleneck- and space requirement analysis are used according to the specific needs. They allow a detailed insight in the handling process within the terminals and the operational airside procedures.

The use of simulation software serves to enhance the decision-making process and to verifies the planned solutions.
By modelling different solutions, the impact of different approaches can be evaluated on all levels of the airport operation. This enables us to compare the different solutions directly.

Simulation Projects