Retail Concepts

Non-aeronautical revenues have become increasingly important for the profitability of an airport, particularly those derived from the retail business. Often, a passenger survey provides the required understanding of the passengers’ behaviour, spending rates and demands. It paves the way for a tailor-made terminal retail concept as well as for overall airport retailing (including the landside areas).

The objectives of the terminal retail concept are

  • to analyse the existing product and outlet mix
  • to identify passenger needs and evaluate the shops/outlets accordingly
  • to prepare a competitive terminal retail concept (F&B, shops, etc.) in line with the new master plan for the existing terminal(s) and a new passenger terminal (if appropriate)
  • to support the client in renegotiations with the core tenants (e.g. DFS, etc.)
  • to instruct and train the retail managers for the renegotiations with the other tenants
  • to provide a new retail revenue plan based on the proposed terminal retail concept

AIRPORT COMPETENCE will not only evaluate and enhance existing retail areas and the required layout but will design new central retail areas, complete with e.g. food courts, a unique mix of local specialty shops and high-class brands, and more. In doing so, we take a close look at passenger flows and define those clusters, anchors and magnets that will create a unique airport shopping experience.