Preliminary Design

Airport facilities (e.g. terminal)

A preliminary design for an airport facility (e.g. terminal) covers all relevant parts of that particular facility. As a comprehensive and detailed planning step it uses the conceptual design which, in turn, is based on the ultimate vision, reflecting it in individual development phases (phased concept). The preliminary design includes the architectural concept, the structural concept, the mechanical and electrical concept, rough material specifications, and more.


  • Review of existing concept design documents
  • Architectural concept
  • Structural concept
  • Mechanical and electrical concept
  • Material specifications
  • Detailed functional layout
  • Cost estimation per phase / development step
  • Elaboration of a technical specifications report


  • Uses a comprehensive capacity model and shows space requirements per function over the entire timeline / phases
  • Each phase is based on the requirements book
  • Based on the conceptual design
  • Maintains the “balance of systems”
  • Maintains conceptual design intentions (efficient layouts)
  • Provides the basis for further detailed planning steps