Feasibility Studies

Airport projects typically go hand in hand with high investment volumes. This requires a solid base for making sound decisions.

Three “must haves” for a successful PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDY

Feasibility Study

Our experts will therefore accurately check and analyse the airport’s three main feasibility aspects. They will define key drivers, development concepts and solutions for each of them. Only if all three feasibility aspects prove positive, will the project be given a go-ahead. Otherwise, more fine-tuning and more “homework” needs to be done until the project management and its shareholders can give the development programme their green light.

To this end, AIRPORT COMPETENCE has developed a unique model that integrates and shows the interrelatedness of all three feasibility aspects:

  • The market (e.g. catchment area, traffic potential, airlines, strategy, etc.) and its impact on
  • The technical requirements (e.g. capacities, quality standards, facilities, operation, etc.), and
  • The financial feasibility (e.g. aviation and non-aviation revenues, costs, financing, etc.).

Once our feasibility study confirms the project’s viability, it also means that there is sufficient market potential to proceed, all technical requirements will be met and – from a financial perspective – the go-ahead will be supported by the robustness of the business case.

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