Concession Management

Concession management goes one step further and includes, amongst others, the retail concept. It defines the core elements of the concession concept (e.g. legal and commercial terms, planning, integration, etc.), the service level agreements, the major differences between aeronautical and non-aeronautical concessions, the required management tools, etc., and it identifies potential hurdles that need to be overcome.

Concession management is a complex issue. It has a big influence on the airport’s revenues. However, a tailored concession management concept can be used as a guideline for revenue growth and increased profitability. Typically, it includes revenues from the following areas: terminal retail shops, duty free shops, F&B, in-flight catering, rental cars, advertisement, communication and IT, ground handling, lounges, car parking, landside developments, etc.

The right concession management strategy can make a significant contribution to increasing revenues while reducing costs at the same time.