CAPEX Planning

A feasible development plan corresponds with a streamlined investment concept and thus ensures an optimized CAPEX programme that perfectly fits the business plan. The CAPEX calculation is carried out per development phase and is based on both the capacity model and the requirements book. It includes construction costs, equipment costs, asset-related costs (OPEX), etc., and defines design and construction periods for the various projects of a development concept.


  • Facility costs based on the type of development (new / reconstruction / renovation)
    • Construction costs building
    • Construction costs mechanical & electrical systems (M&E)
    • Equipment costs / special airport systems (baggage handling, sorting, etc.)
    • Construction costs outdoor areas
  • Design costs
  • Asset related costs (OPEX)
    • Electrical
    • Heating
    • Water
    • Sewage
    • Cleaning
    • Maintenance / overhaul


  • Basis for the business plan and financial concept of a development programme / master plan
  • Basis for procurement concepts / privatisation projects
  • Base for outsourcing concepts
  • Calculation carried out, using an integrated comprehensive CAPEX model
  • Transparent visualisation of investment volumes over the entire timeline
  • Streamlined investment volume
  • Optimised phasing

CAPEX Planning Projects