Profit Increase Programs

A lot of airports are not as profitable as they should be. The reason can be manifold and therefore each project has to be analysed in detail in order to understand they key areas and find the hidden drivers which can be triggered to increase efficiency, reduce costs and find new revenue streams.

Our 360° view of the overall airport project enables us to fine tune and optimise the existing situation and bring to airport back on track.
One example: in one of our very successful projects we have been able to reduce the CAPEX by about 30% but still kept all the minimum technical requirements and have increased revenues at the same time by about 20%.
Another example is for instance the optimisation of the passenger flow in the terminal combined with a tailor-made retail concept (e.g. using magnets and anchors, etc.) which can easily boost non-aero revenues by 10-20%

Conceptual Design Projects