Siem Reap International Airport

Project Title Architectural Terminal Design – Invited Competition
Airport Siem Reap International Airport
Location Siem Reap, Cambodia
Time Frame 2009
Client gmp Architects

In cooperation with gmp Architects, a modern passenger terminal for Siem Reap Airport was designed and developed. The primary goals of this project were to create a contemporary terminal building using local materials and construction methods, to determine the required functional areas and to integrate the passenger circulation areas with the retail areas. Our contribution to the project included a space allocation programme, a passenger flow concept, a gate design as well an optimization of the interior terminal organization. The local topography as well as special legal regulations (e.g.: no meters/greeters within the check-in hall) led to an innovative functional concept on several levels. Due to the importance of tourism in the region and the high fluctuation of passenger numbers throughout the year, flexibility was key to the terminal layout. Along with the terminal design, the curbside and the airport plaza were planned as part of the overall development.

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