Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport 2012

Project Title Master Plan, Conceptual Terminal Design, Bid Management
Airport Sao Paulo Guarulhos
Location Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time Frame 2011-2012
Capacity [1] 40 MAP, [2] 51 MAP, [3] 57 MAP, [4] 60 MAP
Client Invepar

Sao Paulo is the biggest and most important economic metropolis of South America.
In 2012 in the course of the first airport privatization wave in Brasilia – AIRPORT COMPETENCE supported the bidder process as part of the consortium with Invepar + ACSA. The successful cooperation leads to the award of contract for the Master Plan Study as well as the Conceptual Planning for the new terminal 3. The concept of renovation and revaluation of the existing terminals TPS 1 and TPS2 has been part of the development concept.
Since the new terminal 3 has to be in operation in 2014 the factor time plus securing the long term airside capacity was the biggest challenge of this project.
Due to the limited space at the location, the short period of time for construction works as well as the authority’s requirements – all functions had to be located optimal so that the continuous operation of the airport will not be affected.

One-Roof Concept
The position of the new terminal 3 is based on the One-Roof-Concept. In immediate proximity to the existing terminal 3 the new international terminal 3 originates.
This terminal is dedicated to international passenger processing and consists of the passenger processing part, the pier and the satellite. The design offers the possibility to develop the terminal to mixed operation (dispatch domestic flights) at a later date. The possibility to dispatch domestic as well as international flights at one terminal offers the possibility to use the terminal for a Home Carrier or as Alliance Terminal. Short ways, short connecting times will support the market position of Sao Paulo Guarulhos Int’l airport in the future.

Photographs © Cacalos Garrastazu 2014