Kyiv Boryspil Airport

Project Title Master Plan
Airport Kyiv Boryspil Airport
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Time Frame 1992 – 2019
Capacity [Phase 1] 15 MAP – [Phase 7] 54 MAP
Client State Enterprise “International Airport Boryspil” (KBP)

Our company maintains a successful cooperation with Boryspil International Airport dating back to 1992. We have been involved in numerous projects including traffic forecasts, business plans or terminal refurbishment programs among other. In 2004 we developed an update of the airport’s national master plan to strategically position Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine and its broader region. Over the years, we have been providing regular updates of the master plan as was the case in 2017 when we performed a revision with respect to the current situation and the expected future hub development prognosis. The visualizations shown are taken from our master plan study in the year 2019. Together with UNStudio, we have developed a one-roof concept in the form of a huge X-shaped terminal. The shape enables the shortest possible passenger routes within the terminal building and therefore reduced passenger transfer times. The new terminal was designed as an intermodal transfer hub for all means of transport – air, rail, bus and private transport.