Catarina Business Airport

Project Title Feasibility Study
Airport Catarina Business Airport
Location Sao Roque, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time Frame 2013
Client JHSF Incorporacoes Ltda.


  • Market assessment
  • Traffic with executive and business jets as point-to-point traffic from other home based aircrafts and aircrafts based at São Roque
  • Air taxis and aircraft pooling services
  • Helicopter traffic related with the operations at São Roque and independent flights
  • Evaluation of the market for MRO services, FBO’s, helicopter flights, fuelling, hangar services
  • Flights for the MRO services at São Roque
  • Analysis of competing airports (traffic volumes, MRO’s, FBO’s, hangars, expansion projects, etc.)
  • Projection of market demand and potential
  • Strategic Concept
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Business Plan
  • Technical Layout Plan
  • Conceptual Master Plan